Is my work any good?

David Ogilvy, the guy Wikipedia calls The Father of Advertising, said this: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone else in the world.” And here’s something Drayton said about a piece of my work: is about the inspiration that is in this moment... might need words to show your customers how your technology solution can change their life.

And maybe canvases or t-shirts for your team:

...ideas to empower you...

...thoughts that weave their way into your chat...

...moments of meditation...

Howdy, I’m Richard Clunan – I run this place.

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From my inbox

Hi richard, Thanks for checking, i got the t-shirt. it's super nice. I'll be back!

– Jason Cavill, 12 August 2018

all is good. thank uuuuu. Soooo cooool :):):)

Tracy Elder, 4 March 2019

Certainly I will give you my feedback. It’s a really neat idea for a t-shirt and very soft and comfortable, you have some marvellous ideas, I do wonder if you apply your ideas to some other cause. Though perhaps meditative thoughts as I don my t-shirt are as worthy as any other and I hope inspires others, two people have indeed remarked on its first wear. Does that suffice as feedback? Speak soon, Andy.

Andy Coyle, 3 June 2019

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