From my Inbox

Hi richard, thanks for changing my order, yes I got the cup, its super nice. I’ll be back!

Jason Cavill, 12 August 2018

all is good. Thank uuuu. Soooo cooool :):):)

Tracy Elder, 13 August 2018

Certainly I will give you my feedback. The cup is ‘mugnificent’ as you rightly say. I’ll keep an eye out for another. I think my mother will love the handmade ones when they’re ready, and perhaps I will subscribe. You have some marvellous ideas, I do wonder if you apply your ideas to some other cause, too. Though perhaps those meditative thoughts over my morning cuppa are as worthy as any other. Does that suffice as feedback? Speak soon, Andy.

Andy Coyle, 13 August 2018

"I will make a cup so mugnificent that even those who wouldn't spare a sideways glance at a 'slogan mug' will love this to bitz."

That's what I said. And this is what is:

...ideas that empower you...

...thoughts that weave their way into the chat over your cuppa...

...moments of meditation... is here to embrace the potential of this moment – the now – as we sip the humble cuppa. Because when we're inspired to do great things with this moment, or simply to be present in this moment, the ordinary of now is extraordinary.

Cups are in three categories:

– 3 inspiration-as-you-sip mugs for entrepreneurs and others working on projects

– 3 conversation pieces – literature, society, politics mugs

– 3 bonny, handcrafted drinking vessels with ideas to inspire your youniverse :)

Today – and every day – I'll add a new cup and Remove one o' these Genius Mugs from the store.

Howdy, I’m Richard – I run this place. This is me in disguise ––––––>

If you need some help gimme a yell.

You’ll catch me at [email protected]

Oh, and P.S. Let’s Make Your Cuppa Great Again!