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When your users go to your site or app, you want them to feel a little buzz of love – not a buzz of dread and the thought "isn't there another app that'll do this..."

Clifford Nass, at Stanford University, found that users respond to digital interfaces as if they are human. "People unconsciously try to create a coherent picture of a ‘person’. When this coherence isn’t communicated, trust is erode

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Market value and profit margin for brands with a strong archetypal identity rise considerably higher and faster than those without – that's from a study by Mark and Pearson...

People buy from their tribe. You need to be wearing the feathers of your tribe.

You gotta connect you to them...

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The 7 aspects of Lean Marketing:

1. Start before you start (begin imperfectly.)

2. You need a compass. Not a roadmap.

3. Build your brand.

4. Lean marketing is not a bolt-on.

5. Pick ponds and fish. 

6. Make it so it spreads.

7. Grow, Reinvent, Grow, Reinvent.

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