Designing the handmade cup

While I was pondering the design for this cup, I bought cups here and there when I saw something I wanted to drink test.

One time I was at the bus stop with an empty cup in my hand – and I wanted to get a sense of how the cup 'drinks'.

So I mock drank – hoisting it to my lips a handfulla times.

Ever see a fella at a bus stop trying to drink from a clearly empty cup?

By the look of the woman beside me, neither had she!


And as I was designing the cup, I asked a bundla people what breed of a cup they like. I didn't realise till now – lots of people, like myself, are pretty fussy about their cup – and a lot of people have a taste similar to my own.

Call it a first world problem; but here's the rundown:

– Fairly thin

– Light coloured inside, so I can see the colour of my tea or coffee

– Vertical sides – no 'belly' to the cup

– A tad lower than the standard cup – so that, while the thinness lends it grace, it still feels good and sturdy on the table

– And one thing I didn't realise till now: the shape of the handle makes a fair bitofa difference. Now there's a cliff hanger for the next blogisode...

...hold onto your handle – a blog all about mug manoeuvrability from table to chops is – squint and you’ll spot it – o’er yonder, headed this way from the horizon...