About Me + verb.ly

Hey, I’m Richard. The verb artist and worker bee. It’s my job to make sure every customer gets something super cool and is super happy.

Here’s a pic of me my daughter took – I didn’t know I had a big Santa beard – but apparently I do…

verb.ly started as a project to just make something cool every day – something that wasn’t client work. The idea was to keep my brain cells carved the shape of creative.

Creativity is weird. Ideas fall out of the sky. Your head needs to catch 'em.

I worked for a long time as a CMO / creative director / strategist. Hands on – from the big picture of the business, to the 'how', to the dotting the i's in the communication. And somehow – by luck – it always happened. The right idea fell into my head. But I never knew if it would the next time.

So I thought verb.ly would give my brain more juice – more exercise – like creativity is a muscle.

Now I just think creativity is our natural state. It’s the definition of alive. I have total trust in the hand that reaches down out of the clouds and throws paper darts with ideas doodled on them into my head. Total trust that the paper darts will keep on flyin’.

I started with mugs on verb.ly – printed my things on them, and I didn’t really care if they sold or not. Then I got requests for other things. And I’ve shaped the shop into Art on Canvas to Inspire Your Team, and funky t-shirts.

(I say I didn’t care if they sold – of course, I wanted them to sell. But verb.ly is something I’d be doing even without sales. I love the process.)

Right now I’m focusing more on custom art for offices. I learn about people’s businesses, and make concepts that fit their team, the essence of the vision of their business, the thing that drives them, a funky reminder on why they’re doing what they’re doing – something they’ll see every day on the wall – and hustle.

I shape the typography as I’m shaping the verbal message – the visual and the verbal are all one to me – I think that’s what makes for a simple, impactful communication.

Then I make the canvas (or other materials -- sometimes wood, tire rubber on sheet steel, or whatever material suits the concept.)

Or I print on canvas. I work with fine art canvas makers and printers in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Netherlands, and Australia. Shipping to any country. It's boxed, ready to hang, handled by shipping companies that know how to handle art.

So far, nobody has asked for their money back. And just one order has gotten lost in the mail (the customer was very understanding, and I gave her a voucher for a new item).

So all is good.

This is the guarantee I work to:

I’ll always do my best to make dynamite art for you. If you’re not happy with it, I’ll give you another art piece of your choice. If anything screws up – with custom art or non-custom – whether it's a delivery, a quality issue, or anything else, I’ll fix it.

I’m grateful for every piece of business that comes my way. Thanks for considering verb.ly 

If you'd like to chat: 

Call me +353 87 357 4031 (or WhatsApp)

Email me richard@verb.ly