A Meditation / Born Again Christian Cup

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We're making only 20 of this mug.

Here’s what I think ‘born again’ means:

You know those times you’re really present – in the moment, and at one with the moment – (of course you needn’t be an adherent to any religion to know that). Well that’s the essence of ‘Good’. It’s where intuitive good actions come from; it’s where creativity comes from.

Switch the word ‘Good’ for ‘God’ if you like. Don’t if you don’t like.

That oneness is like a continual renewal. Continually being born again.

I think it’s a beautiful idea. Simple. The essence of meditation.

Of course it’s quite different to the ideas that many other people have about the phrase.

If you relate 'born again' to purple-faced people ranting at you, you probably won't want this cup.

But if it's positive to you, it's a reminder of the essence of good, as you sip.

Oh... here's another interpretation of 'born again' – getting baptized used to be about being dipped, head under – and may have been until you pass out – have a Near Death Experience – off into a beautiful experience/dream, an experience that changes your outlook on life.


We're making only 20 of this mug.



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