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I'll grow your tribe on social media with content marketing. This strategy also serves SEO and makes your company and your website an authority in your niche. 

I use a full-on strategy, that I'll tweak according to the needs of your business. 

To see how I do it, or to steal the strategy, download The Verbly Content Machine here (no need to give your email). 

When you read the strategy, these product options will make more sense: 


  • 1 Pillar Plus 10 Pieces of Content
  • 1 Pillar Plus 20–50 Pieces of Content
  • 2 Pillars Plus 40–100 Pieces of Content
  • 3 Pillars Plus 60–150 Pieces of Content


'The Pillar' is a major piece of content. The first product listed includes the first round of short and medium content. The other 3 products include all short and medium content. 

To understand how this works, download my 10 Step Guide on how to grow your tribe on social networks through content marketing, and become an authority in your niche ...Ad infinitum. Good for B2B and B2C. 

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