Copywriting for Megastars

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This book is for you if you want to write to persuade – whether you need to sell sausages, or stop people piddling on the toilet seat – or whatever.

Maybe you’re in marketing; or you run a website; or your ransom notes are just not bringing in the dough.

Make dry facts sing... Learn the ingredients of persuasive copy; how to make your copy really talk to people; how to get people’s trust – and keep it.

Truth be told, a lot of the stuff in this book is super-simple...

You read it and it clicks: "Of course... Why wasn't I doing that?"

In the book are 7 steps: they'll take you from blank page to job-done.

Step One
Selling your product: how to get to the guts of it

Step Two
How to build a story using psychological drivers, to help people want your product

Step Three
How to get inspiration to write great copy

Step Four
How to get a good first draft done

Step Five
How to develop your draft into copy that will sell

Step Six
How to polish your copy so people will stay hooked

Step Seven
It’s not just about the copy: get everything in place so people will buy


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