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Big Idea + Art Concepts + Art

I'll help refine your vision / your company's Big Idea. Then I'll make some Word Art concepts – digital images – see them on the screen before I make them on canvas. Send me back to the drawing board if you want. 

Then I'll make up the concept/s on canvas (or on wood, or steel sheets, or whatever material suits the concepts).

And send you the art.

The best place to start is simply with a chat. When you order, please send me your email or phone number.


The price is for TWO finished pieces of art 

You get 2 art pieces – and these can be different concepts. 

If you want more concepts made up into art, or multiple of the same concept, email me or call or Whatsapp me on +353 87 357 4031


What will your custom art be?

Custom Art can go anywhere. (Or anywhere good, anyway!)

I like to get to know a company, its people, and its market so I can make something that fits like a surgical glove.

I like to pare everything back to the core idea – making the layout and shape of the words communicate the message in the most simple way. So everything is about communicating the concept without a microgram of flab.

Obviously, see the stuff on this site to see the type of stuff I produce. Here's the list of collections.



Custom pieces come either with a licence only for you, or for me to make new renditions after your project (your choice).

You can reach me anytime at +353 87 357 4031 (call or Whatsapp) or email

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Shipping times

US / Canada / Australia / NZ / UK / Ireland / rest of EU: 7–10 business days

Rest of the world: 10–18 business days

This is the guarantee I work to:

If I make a concept tailored for your team, I’ll make dynamite. If you’re not delighted with it, I’ll give you another art piece or your money back – your choice. If anything screws up – with custom art or non-custom – whether it's a delivery, a quality issue, or anything else, I’ll fix it in a way that works for you. (There’s been only one delivery screw up so far.)

I’m grateful for every piece of business that comes my way. Thanks for considering

If you'd like to chat:

Call me +353 87 357 4031 (or WhatsApp)

Email me

Richard Clunan

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