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Custom Art is a new product. I'm doing the first few at $497 instead of $1K.

I made this concept + artwork as Wall Art for BILDAR’s office.

BILDAR have an Augmented Reality platform.

They’re part of the development layer of the Magicverse. There’ll be a vectorised digital overlay of the whole of Earth, and all the built environment.

People will be able to experience, reimagine, and help shape their environment.

So this is about living as Art. Creating our environment, our living spaces, evolving a more democratic built environment.

When you order this product:

– I'll learn about your company and create something that's fucking cool. And is you.

– I can give you a digital file so you can print it yourself. 

– Or I can send you it as a canvas print or foamboard print.


Get in touch:

Call or Whatsapp: +353 87 357 4031


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