Handmade Gratitude Cup

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Pretty much every wisdom tradition – from Law of Attraction to Hinduism to Christianity to Atheism – says Gratitude is it.

You've likely heard how listing things you're grateful for brings more good things into your life.

Thank the designers of the chair you're sitting on. The breath of fresh air in your lungs. That person who smiled at you. It's about connection with everythingness.

Here's a cup to remind you to do your Gratitude list every day; or to remind you throughout the day, as you sip – to flick little bits of gratitude into the ether.

Or give it as a Thank You gift.

Artwork for the cup is on the way.

While I'm sorting that, there's an £8 saving on orders.

You'll love the cup.

But if you order and then you hate what you see when I show you the artwork, we can cancel the order – I'll send you a refund.

Reach me at richard@verb.ly

Thanks for checking out verb.ly :)

Cheers, Richard

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