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(See also the £200 option for businesses.)

Clever/witty/cool visual + verbal ideas that communicate the essence of your brand.

For corporate gifts, gifts for your staff, or for use in the office.

Can be on super-cool handmade cups. We can design a cup shape just for you if you like.

Handmade cups come in a bamboo presentation box.

Or we can put the artwork on regular mugs.

I'll get to know your business and your clients/customers and come up with super personalised clever/cool ideas. There'll be no mistaking this was made for them and there'll be no mistaking the values of your brand.

I'll start with a blank slate, so the solution could be anything.

You pay £950 not for the cup, but for 3 ideas and the rights and artwork for the 3 ideas.

So you can use the concepts in your promotions and for your staff.

You may not resell creations.

You can then order as many cups or mugs as you wish for a fee per cup. Hand made cups or regular mugs.

I've worked for 12 years as an Advertising Writer & Creative Director on big brands including The Economist, M&M's, and Guinness, and on many smaller brands. Mine's the brain you need for this.

(See more about my work here – lots of unconventional B2B samples there.)

To be sure you get the gifts in time for your event, order AT LEAST one month before you need them. I need time for concepting, making the artwork, decalling the artwork onto the mugs, and shipping to you. Two or three months before is even betterer.



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