Please buy my book even though I haven't even finished it

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If you haven’t got enough money to buy my book you can rob it.

Just walk out of the shop reading it and say you completely got lost in the story and you forgot to pay for it – or say, “I’m blind. Am I not still in the shop?”

Except you can't because it's not going to be in the shop. It's only going to be on and you can’t rob it off

So you've got to buy it even though I haven't even finished it but I've nearly more than three-quarters finished it. Like it's got 71,328 words now – it's nearly a novel and I'm doing editorialisations and nearly even deleting some words.

And I'm doing pictures also as well if you're not good at reading skills. 

And then I’ve got to get them printed and it’s extremely very costly.

So that's why it's $30.

I bet you've got $30 because you're a grown up and nearly every grown up has got $30 except there's some that's not and the ones that are not haven't got to buy my book except try and get $30 and buy it. Please please please.

I'm going to tell you some extremely things in the book. But I'm not going to tell you the extremely things now because you've got to buy it and then you'll get the extremely things.

And you can follow me on Facebook and I'll tell you when it's ready. 

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