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Quantum entanglement – the states of two objects are dependent on each other, even though the objects may be spatially separated. E.g. one spins clockwise, so the other spins anti-clockwise. One's black; the other's white. Or one is alive; the other is dead.

Schrodinger’s Cats is the answer to the riddle of Schrodinger’s Cat. Two cats with entangled tails. One alive. One dead.

Schrödinger's Cat – a thought experiment and a paradox, showing the problem with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to a cat. The cat is in a box. There’s a 50-50 chance of leakage of poisonous gas into the box. We don’t know if the cat is alive or dead until we look. It must be both alive and dead according to the Copenhagen interpretation.

The Copenhagen interpretation – a thing is a bunch of things until we observe it. There is the potential for all different states. Observation is what makes it happen.

(I reckon the actual answer to this may be not that the cat’s tails are entangled. But that consciousness makes physical matter exist. And everything is conscious. E.g. the box is conscious – it doesn’t take a human to observe it – the box knows.)


We're making only 20 of each color and size of this tshirt.

---- t-shirts are fashion-fit cut, cotton-ball soft on your skin, and extremely durable. How?

100% organic ringspun cotton. Continuously spinning, twisting, and thinning the cotton produces softer, stronger, longer strands. We spin out the rough texture you get with standard raw cotton.

• Our people in Los Angeles dye the fabric with the most eco-friendly dyes we could sniff out, and use 7x less water than the average-Jo garment manufacturer pours down the sink.

• Our tees are double-stitched on the neckline and sleeves – this and the fabric itself gives the garment great durability, and it keeps its shape.

• 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)

• Pre-shrunk

• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping

• Quarter-turned to avoid creasing down the center

• Fashion-fit cut


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Width (cm) 46 51 56 61 66 71



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