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‘Theresa May Not’ – Chant with Me

I was watching with ‘disMay’. But I realised that’s defeatist. And this battle is not over. So I’ve decided instead to embark on a career in t-shirt journalism. I’ll retire when the rubbish ends. I’m just asking you to help ensure the fat lady doesn’t sing.

What’s all this rubbish I’m hearing about a ‘No Deal’? No chance. No fear. Theresa May won’t do that, for one simple reason: her concern is her legacy. You don’t need a thesis to be persuaded of that. And clearly ‘no deal’ would be a special brand of stupid for someone clawing at a half-ok legacy. She might be stupid, but she’s a clever brand of stupid.

So it’s a bluff we have. She’ll go to a referendum before she’ll let us unwind all the way to the 29th. We call it out. We have remaining Jeremy – well, we thought we might have him. Now we think we might not. And a no-deal Tory won’t get in.

This all leaves us with a mass of support to Remain in. MPs and non-MPs.

Hence, we needn’t fear. Just so long as we don’t fool ourselves that no deal could happen. The risk is MPs taking Theresa’s bluff seriously.

We need to Make This Not Happen. We need to leave the MPs with no doubt. We cannot risk ‘Bored of Brexit’. We left the handbrake off and we’re on a hill. Let’s start by knocking off the table the stupid notion – I’ll call it what it is – that a second referendum is undemocratic. It wasn’t a game of football, that one side won. One simple majority on one date with imperfect knowledge, working off alternative facts, random and manipulated resentment, and no knowledge of the actual deal ticked a box. People don’t want it now. It’s not democratic to do it now.

Let’s take a broader perspective on what democracy is. Once upon a time, when we were travelling around on horse and cart, not-very-participatory democracy made sense. But now we could participate on an ongoing basis – with debates in towns and cities, and using our phones. So let’s unstick the idea that democracy is equivalent to one vote once every blue moon. Government by the people can mean so much more.

Our battle is against the likes of those clever – I’m calling them what they are – tabloids that are good with slogans. And those tuneful – yep, they can sing – more vocal of football supporters. And just a teaspoon measure of conniving.

We need to get better at slogans and chanting. Quick. Here’s one – chant wherever you feel fit: ‘Theresa May Not’.

Join me in not being defeatist. The fat lady has not sung. Let’s sing together such that she May not be heard.


Theresa May Not – Unisex T-Shirt.

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