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Anarchy – as you know – is about not having government.

I think we do need bods organising stuff; but I don't think we really need what we have right now.

In every other area, technology is disrupting – but not so much in voting. What we have right now is not democracy – it's representation – which made sense back in the day a message needed a horseback for delivery; but now we can vote on our phones – can't we? Not for political parties, not for representatives – but on issues. Tons of stuff can be put out to the vote – why do we need people (supposedly) 'representing' us?

I think we also need people with the relevant expertise dealing with the different issues. Like right now the minister for health (or whatever they're labelled) normally isn't an expert on health.

This is not a fully thought out thing in my head; but with those two things maybe we can lose the career politicians.



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