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This project is for the brand writing, design, and build of a relatively simple presentation site.

Build + Basic Communications

The basic package applies if I need to do only a little research into your market and product – for example, perhaps you have a website already with much of the relevant info, but your site doesn't look great nor grab the attention of your target customers.

  • Consultancy and Review of your site and business to ensure the project takes the right direction, and takes advantage of the biggest potential wins
  • Rewording of your existing copy so it hooks prospects
  • Simple wire-framing to the structure of the site 
  • Redesign of your site
  • Redesign of logo and icons (as needed), to maintain a simple, clean, user-friendly feel
  • I'll build your site using a website builder

Build + Core Communications

The Core Communications package applies if there's more work involved in getting to know your market and product, or if the website will be somewhat more complex to make. Best way to determine this is if you send me a link to your current site, and we can perhaps chat and determine the size of the project.

  • All items in the Basic Communications package
  • More extensive exploration of your market and product
  • Medium-complex website build

More Complex Websites

More complex websites are better built without a website builder app – we'll bring a technical person on board to help – contact me and we can talk about your needs.

Why hire me to make your Website?

Website building tools are now good enough that for a relatively simple website you don't need a technical person. The skillset of marketing strategy, brand writing, and design will bring you much more value. That's the skillset I have. I design and build presentation sites (site showcasing your product or company) and ecommerce sites.


Questions? Email me at or Whatsapp +353 87 357 4031

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