Your Goal Carved in Wood

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I'll carve your goal in wood...

The way to achieve your goal -- you've likely heard this -- is to write it down. And display it where you'll see it regularly. 

If like me you're liable to lose that bit of paper, or the note on your phone is in danger of becoming buried, get me to carve your goal in wood. I'll send you it along with a mini easel to prop it on.

18cm by 12cm -- sized for desk or shelf. Comes in a nice presentation box. 


Send me your goal in 'notes to sender' when you order. 

I suggest phrasing it in the present tense. So not 'I will run a marathon before 2021'. But 'I run a marathon before 2021'. 

Make it specific. With a timeframe. 

If you like I can help reword it.

I'll send you a design proof before carving. If you prefer a different lettering style just let me know. 

Any questions email me at or WhatsApp +353 87 357 4031

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